EXANTE broker review – updated June 2024

EXANTE broker review – updated June 2024

EXANTE is a multi-asset brokerage firm that was founded in 2011 and has since expanded rapidly and gained recognition for its extensive range of services and diverse instruments. Led by founders Alexey Kirienko, Anatoly Knyazev, and Gatis Eglitis, the firm has over 2 billion USD in total assets as of June 2024. It is headquartered in Malta and serves clients from key regions around the world with their professional trading solutions for both retail and institutional investors.

This is a review written by an independent entity and it is not affiliated with the team at EXANTE. All experiences described with this broker are personal and should not be taken as fact. For another perspective on the broker, you can read this EXANTE review from 2024.

Reputation of the broker

EXANTE has a sound reputation globally, and it has won a multitude of awards in recent years for their innovations in technology.

In 2024, EXANTE was awarded ‘Best Investment Company’ by the Gazet International Annual Awards. In the same year, the broker won two awards at the International Investor Awards – ‘Most Innovative Multi-Asset Trading Platform’ and ‘Best Bespoke Wealth Management Services (in Europe)’. The previous year saw EXANTE winning the title ’Best Multi-Asset Broker 2023’ at the Invest Cuffs conference.

Overall, reviews online from user-generated commentary sites are positive, with users satisfied with the trading experience and the level and speed of customer service offered by the broker.

Is EXANTE regulated?

Yes. EXANTE is regulated in the UK by the FCA, in Hong Kong by the SFC, in Malta by the MFSA, and in Cyprus by the CySEC.

Products and trading fees

EXANTE provides access to over 50 financial markets worldwide, including:

  • Equities: Stocks from major exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, and more, totaling 40,000+.
  • Bonds: A wide range of government and corporate bonds are available across Europe and North America.
  • Futures: Futures contracts across various commodities, indices, and financial instruments are available, across 30+ exchanges.
  • Options: A comprehensive selection of over 500,000 options on stocks, FX, metals, and more.
  • Forex: 50 currency pairs available with competitive spreads.
  • Metals: Precious and industrial metals are available, from gold and silver to copper.

The broker operates on a unique fee structure with competitive spreads and rates on certain trades. There is no margin fee associated with leverage use, but a margin utilization reminder is available to keep an eye on trades and a margin call will be issued should margin utilization exceed 100% or there are insufficient funds in a live trading account.

  • Equities: Commissions start at 0.02 USD per share in the US market, with a minimum of 5 USD per trade.
  • Bonds: Fees vary depending on the bond type and market, typically starting at 0.05% of the trade value.
  • Futures: Commissions begin at 1.5 USD per contract.
  • Options: Fees start at 1.5 USD per contract.
  • Forex: Spreads can be as low as 0.2 pips, with no additional commission.
  • Metals: Competitive spreads and low commissions, similar to forex trading.

Account maintenance fees apply should funds drop below the required minimum at 10,000 EUR/GBP for individual live accounts and 50,000 EUR/GBP for corporate live accounts. Inactivity fees may also apply after no trading activity, but there are exceptions listed on the broker’s website.

EXANTE’s trading platform

EXANTE’s proprietary trading platform is one of its standout features. It is available on desktop, web, and mobile, and the platform is designed for seamless integration and user-friendly experience that prioritizes the needs of advanced traders, such as one-click trading and customizable charting. The interface is intuitive, offering advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and the ability to execute trades quickly.

Additionally, there is the possibility of integrating EXANTE’s APIs, which will appeal to professional traders looking to automate their trades or enhance their trading experience. The HTTP API provided by EXANTE allows traders to build trading apps that alert them to price changes and market fluctuations based on their desired parameters.

EXANTE also offers a slightly upgraded version of industry protocol FIX 4.4. This FIX API is free for the broker’s clients if they have over 50,000 EUR/GBP in their trading account, and credentials can be provided by the broker’s customer support team.

EXANTE’s customer support and resources

EXANTE offers robust customer support available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat. The support team is stated to be knowledgeable and quick to respond, ensuring traders can resolve issues promptly. In our experience, this is true – having contacted the broker for issues related to account set-up and verification, questions were quick to be answered and the customer representatives got to the root of the problem fast.

The broker also provides a wealth of educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, market analysis, and a comprehensive FAQ section. There were guides on how to use the platform, which saved a lot of time in setting things up and adjusting to trading live. This made it easier to dive straight in to improve one’s trading skills.

Would I recommend EXANTE?

In short, yes, I would recommend EXANTE if you are a trader that is invested in a good experience with advanced technology. Their platform’s FIX add-on is a great way to automate your trades within your desired parameters, and the wide range of instruments available will be suitable for those who wish to trade with a diverse portfolio and create complex strategies around lesser known (or widely known) instruments. The broker is also well-regulated by the relevant authorities in the UK, Hong Kong, Malta, and Cyprus, which adds a layer of assurance and security for those who trade in large or high volumes.